Control your corporate spend.

Detect and prevent risky employee behavior and
compliance issues with AI-powered audit technology.

Easier. More Efficient. Better Compliance.

Fraud happens. Wasteful spending happens even more. But it doesn’t have to happen to you. Oversight’s Artificial Intelligence platform automatically analyzes 100% of your expenses across ALL expense reports, purchase card transactions and accounts payable data to identify fraud, non-compliant purchases, and wasteful spending. Find the root cause of behavior that needs to be corrected, so you can educate employees and vendors, and avoid compliance risk.

Deploying Artificial Intelligence into
Financial Risk Management

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Automate risk detection and
resolution across your business

Oversight makes it easy to prevent non-compliant spending with right-time analysis.

  • Examine 100% of transactions across ALL spend data
  • Spot improper behavior that is otherwise difficult to detect
  • Reduce out-of-policy spending up to 70%
  • Built-in case management and audit trail functionality
  • Reduce compliance efforts by at least 50%
  • Integrate with leading expense management & ERP software
6 Tips to Improve Employees' T&E Spending Habits  Learn how to change employee behavior
4 Steps to Operationalize Compliance  Focus on trends and patterns to influence behavior.

"You are essentially flying blind if you do not have a tool like Oversight, because Oversight can analyze data in a way that the human eye cannot. I'd rather have Oversight than an army of people trying to do the analysis."

Jon Feiwell, Director of Financial Process & Quality Improvement at American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)