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Understand misclassifications, out-of-bounds purchases and inappropriate venues.
Protect your risk from invalid out-of-pocket charges through gaming of corporate policy.
One meal, two employees, two expensed meals? We’ll help you spot those immediately.

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Our approach, and the approach that I believe is the next generation of business intelligence, is what I like to call the "Star Trek" approach. Even if you weren’t a fan of the show, you know the...
Blog Post
Last week was a crazy one: The Oversight VP of Sales, Mike Harron, and I were on the road for the two latest Concur Fusion Exchange conferences. The first part of the week we were in San Francisco,...



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Putting corporate buying power into the hands of employees makes each employee an authorized purchasing agent of a company. While corporate cards offer convenience and distributed buying power, they also significantly increase the chances for fraud, waste, and policy abuse. Thus, it is important to establish both strong usage policies and restrictions, and implement a monitoring solution to ensure better chances for corporate card compliance.
Case Study

Our client, a Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods firm, needed a way to proactively monitor their Purchase Card (P-Card) spend. The client’s primary monitoring objectives were to gain visibility into company spending, promote policy  compliance, and influence employee actions going forward. The client implemented its P-Card program with Citibank, and currently uses Concur to reconcile expenses.