Founded in 2003, Oversight is used by commercial and government organizations to monitor over $2 trillion in spend annually. With two U.S. patents, multiple patents pending, and a proven record of innovation in analytics and real-world results, the world’s largest corporations and government organizations rely on Oversight to discover hidden opportunities for improvement and eliminate fraud, misuse, and error from their financial operations.

When we speak with our customers, they tell us there are three key reasons why they selected Oversight:

Our Emphasis on Customers:

At Oversight, we treat prospects like customers and customers like prospects. We offer tailored demonstrations of our solutions because we want you to know what it feels like to be an Oversight customer. Assigned Client Engagement Managers are dedicated to your success and bring to the table best practices to ensure a smooth integration of our solutions within your business operations.

We Make Automating Compliance Easy:

We make it easy for customers to begin using Oversight, and for many, data acquisition is seamless. Through partnerships with card providers, Concur, TSYS, SAP, and Oracle, we make it easy to acquire your transaction data, often with just the push of a button. We recommend the analyses appropriate for you based on over a decade of client best practices. Our solutions incorporate advanced analytical techniques including Boolean, statistical, time based, behavioral, and similarity analysis to precisely uncover anomalies. Our simple and powerful user interface facilitates action via plain language alerts with built-in workflow, audit trails and management dashboards. For our customers, the ability to take actions that prevent recurring issues is what makes policy compliance easier.

We Make Automated Compliance Pay for Itself:

We focus on promoting compliant behaviors to detect and eliminate errors, fraud, waste and abuse within your spend programs. We provide root cause visibility to help you identify training opportunities, create policy awareness and eliminate inefficiencies within your business processes. Through automation, Oversight can decrease your level of effort to analyze anomalies by over 50% and increase your scope from reviewing 20-25% to reviewing 100% of your transactions.

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