T&E Oversight Connector for Concur

Send Concur expense report data to Oversight with a hassle-free automated connection.

Oversight and Concur have partnered to integrate Oversight Insights On Demand with the Concur Expense Platform. This integration benefits Concur clients by simplifying the effort to leverage Concur expense reporting data with the sophisticated data analysis in Oversight Insights On Demand.

  • Radically reduced time for initial data acquisition
    • With the Oversight Connector for Concur: as fast as the next business day
    • Without the Connector: 2-3 days for extracts supplied by customers
  • Significantly lower level of client effort to automate ongoing data acquisition
    • With Connector:  < 10 minutes
    • Without the Connector: significant IT effort, 3-4 weeks of testing, 21-45 days of elapsed time
  • Increased reliability and security
    • Data received in a consistent predefined format
    • Data does not contain any PCI or sensitive personal information
    • All data transmissions are handled via secure connections between Oversight and Concur

Want to learn more about our integration? Click here or download a white paper on how Concur and Oversight work together to strengthen your financial controls.

You can also check us out on the Concur App Center.


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Case Study

With Concur Travel and Concur Expense already in use, Autodesk needed a way to analyze its transactional spend without further straining resources. They turned to Oversight Insights On Demand.

Case Study

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) was "flying blind" without an automated solution for analyzing their travel expenses. Upon implementing Oversight Insights On Demand and integrating it with Concur, they were able to leverage their data to promote policy awareness and influence change.