• World’s largest carpet manufacturer
  • $4 billion in annual sales and over 25,000 employees
  • $1.9 billion in annual payables processed through PeopleSoft with multiple interfaces

The Challenges

  • Internal Audit Group continually found duplicate vendors and payments
  • A/P Manager tired of vendor phone calls asking why an invoice was paid twice
  • Multiple processes requiring monitoring was complex and demanding
  • Tightening economy resulted in reductions in staff and the challenge to “do more with less”
  • Procurement policies not applied consistently

The Oversight Solution

  • Automation of duplicate payment and duplicate vendor audit
  • Distribution of exceptions managed through automated workow

The Results

  • 100% ROI within 4 months through prevention of duplicate payments
  • 450 duplicate vendors identied within one year of a manual duplicate vendor search project
  • Discovery of “split” purchase orders to circumvent ERP controls
  • Root cause insights leading to training opportunities within Procurement