About Oversight

About Oversight

Oversight Systems’ core mission is to help managers and executives derive actionable insights from a sea of data without requiring that they become, or hire, data scientists. 

Insights: Making sense of your data, made easy.

You shouldn’t need to become, or to hire, a data scientist. Our Insights give you direct visibility into your financial and operational transactions. Plain-language alerts show not just what happened, but why – and what to do about it.

How we answer questions that your card management system alone can't answer.

Proven Success

As a Concur, SAP, and Oracle partner, our solutions have been proven to drive smarter, faster decisions across an organization to contribute directly to the bottom line.

The Oversight Operational Analysis Platform is the first solution to automate predictive transaction analysis, using evidential reasoning to generate specific, proven insights and deliver those insights directly to the front lines of business where they can have the greatest operational impact. Developed over ten years of real-world experience, the platform uses our extensive expertise to help businesses and government agencies uncover revenue opportunities, improve operations, and discover and prevent corruption, fraud and waste. Founded in 2003, Oversight has been granted two U.S. patents and has multiple patents pending. Our proven record of innovation in analytics and real-world results are a few of the reasons many of the world’s largest corporations and government institutions rely on Oversight to discover hidden opportunities for improvement and eliminate fraud, misuse and error from their financial operations. Oversight Systems, Inc. is based in Atlanta, GA, and is privately held.

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